"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary

so that the necessary may speak."

- Hans Hofmann

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Come to Me       Story
Abandoned Nets Story
Only You Know Story
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The Jewel Story
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The Lords Prayer Story

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  The Simple Side - 4x award nominee

  Contemporary Recording of the Year

  Song of the Year "Come To Me"

  Female Artist of the Year

  New Artist of the Year



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"This album kicks off in high style with a horn

section. Elyett’s excellent voice is enlivened by solid

harmonies. The songs tend toward philosophical

ruminations on life. For me, the highlight is the

finale, ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ in which the singer cuts

loose with some particularly good, passionate



David F. Dawes

Canadian Christianity

"Listening to Barb's nicely crafted music is like sitting

down with a big mug of chicken soup when you

have a cold. The sincere lyrics are drawn together by

beautiful piano and Barb's warmly expressive voice.

Her heart for music and inspiring people is

unmistakable in these personal songs..."


Philippa McCracken

Cross Rhythms UK

"Once in a while there comes across my desk an

artist that is what I would consider a "stand out."

Barb Elyett is one of those. Her project "The Simple

Side" is a CD that you must listen to.  


Not only is every track beautiful, filled with her gift

of voice, but well produced, and spirit-filled. Elyett

is a Canadian, but has the potential of being a force

in the American market with the right promotion

efforts. Her stand out vocals and writing are

powerful and effective and need to be heard.


I encourage you to request Barb Elyett. You will not

be disappointed."


Michael Hughes

Christian Mix Inet Radio

" 'The Simple Side' by Barb Elyett is one of those

CD's that's filled with special music that after you

hear it you'll say 'Thank You Lord.' Thank you for

giving me the chance to not only open my ears but

also my heart and soul to the simple wonders of

Your way.' "


C.W. Ross

Christian Rockers Online

"When I first put Barb Elyett's CD into the CD player I

knew it was inspired by the Holy Spirit! The Simple

Side is an album that everyone can enjoy!"


Pastor Larry James II

Abundant Life Radio Network

“The Simple Side” has a warm feeling infused with

spirit and encouragement."


Ken Wiegman

Alpha Omega News

The Simple Side is a mixture of soft rock, gospel

and contemporary music. Barb has a great voice and

the band is very tight on the album.  


One of my favorites is the acoustic, Thorns and

Fragrant Roses. It has a great heart to it. The lyrics

are deep and introspective. The song has a great

message, one of faith and adoration.


Bill Bolte

Circle 37

" When I'm searching for music that I know will put

me in a good frame of mind, I pull out your CD and I

find in minutes your music, especially the words,

bring me back, the simple side of life. Life

can be so busy and complicated, but your music

addresses and sates the anxiety of our world with

God's simple truths. I find myself still singing your

songs in my head hours and days after listening to

your CD and I find comfort in your words."



"Your CD, The Simple Side, is turning into my "mini-

escape" from the pressing day-to-day commitments

of everyday life. I love how every song on the CD

brings me back to the most important thing in life -

Christ. Thank you so much for this wonderful CD!"



"Thank you for this wonderful CD! Though I've never

personally possessed any artistic ability, I absolutely

love and am inspired by people that do have what I

lack! The honesty, sincerity and pure artistry that is

in every speck of your music is just gorgeous! I love




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