To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.

                                      - Mother Teresa

This Guest Book is a place where you can share your thoughts with us. Your comments and encouraging words are like oil that help fuel this ministry. Please feel free to and they will be added here.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share. It’s always wonderful to know how God is working through us to be oil for you.


 I have been listening to your CD on my drive to work more frequently because it puts me at peace through the challenges of work, school, and family. Thank you for having such a wonderful gift:)


Baltimore, Maryland

My wife and I enjoyed your performance at the Lutheran Church in Victoria last Saturday. I want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for keeping it simple and honest, and may God bless you.


Victoria, BC

Your singing and music and heartfelt encouraging words blessed us and we look forward to seeing and hearing you again! God Bless!

The Folks at Southside Community Church

Port Alberni, BC

I am touched by your music and I am glad I was there in person to hear the stories behind your songs. I love them all, but one that touches me right now and I meditate on is the words 'Abandoned their/my nets, abandoned their/my lives.' I am listening to it as I write this. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


Qualicum Beach, BC

Thanks so much for this CD gift you've given me. I read the lyrics to the song Beautiful before hearing you that night and I was excited to hear how I could identify with it. I've been a Christian since 1993 but I had never made a true effort to really make him a part of my everyday life. So when I read the lyric I was able to acknowledge that I have that personal relationship now. Thanks for being a part of my walk with God.


Abbotsford, BC

Thank you so much Barb! Your music/melodies are wonderful and we are so grateful you came to perform for us at our church! God Bless and may great things come into your life everyday.

Campbell River, BC

"I just finished reading your article "The Top 10 Reasons Why Planning Your Life is Vital." From one writer to another, allow me to say it is "brilliant." Far too many of us overlook the importance of planning. Planning helps connect us with our purpose.

Ms. Elyett, thank you for elevating God in your written, sung and spoken words. It is an incredible reminder to all of us that while we pursue all we do, without him we can do nothing. Believing the absolute best in all of your endeavours. Sincerely, Fran

Fran Briggs
Phoenix, Arizona

I was so much happy going through your website. I don't read so much in your site but only one thing was enough for me to impress. I thought I was at the right place where someone says yes you can fulfill your dream. Yes, it's related to our dream and really "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." I would like to hear back from you also. Will you help me on my way to my dream?


Aryan Pradhan

"I just wanted to let you know that I was moved to tears by your performance of “Only You Know” the other day. Actually, both my friend and I were moved because we’ve recently experienced the pain of family members being diagnosed with cancer. It’s such a tough thing to deal with. Your song hit on emotions that I think all of us have felt walking through this terrible disease. Your song offers a great sense of hope and peace that my friend and I both appreciated. Thank you."

Campbell River, BC

"Your performance on Friday was awesome! While you were singing I was so filled with inspiration and hope for pursuing my own creative desires. Just the other day, I ran into someone else that also inspired me to follow my God-given passion. You just reinforced that! I’m so excited. Thank you so much for being a huge inspiration to me!"

Willow Point, BC

Great performance! It’s really great to see someone expressing their faith so boldly and openly. Your songs are powerful and your voice really captures the attention of people. Awesome job! I really enjoyed it!

Willow Point, BC

"Wow! I really enjoyed your performance last Sunday. It was very moving and inspirational. I also have a passion in me that I long to discover and do. Your commitment to developing and expressing your creative talent has inspired me to keep seeking what it truly is that I long to be doing. You give me hope that I can find it and do it!"

Campbell River, BC

"Did you feel that lull come over the congregation while you were singing? You could hear a pin drop! It was as if they let out a silent, refreshing sigh in unison after your performance. Very neat! Keep up the great work. You definitely have an amazing talent worth sharing!"

Vancouver, BC

"Your recent performance was very inspirational! I just moved here from Calgary and I’m hoping to pursue my music more. I play guitar and write songs too. The writing has been hard and expressing myself through my songs has always been a challenge but it’s something I want to do more of. Seeing you do what you’re doing after overcoming your own set of challenges, definitely inspired me to persevere! It’s nice to know that it really is possible to get over the bumps and challenges creative expression often brings. Thanks for being an inspiration!"

Quadra Island, BC

"Loved your performance on Sunday! Great job! You must come back and share your talent with us again sometime! Hope to see you again soon!"

Quadra Island, BC

"Way to go Barb. Really enjoyed all of what I saw. May God just increase His goodness to you and all you are going for."

Campbell River, BC

"Thanks for sharing your talent with us. It was as if the whole church was stilled by your presentation. Very touching."

Vancouver, BC

"I'm very impressed with your site, but even more impressed with your commitment. Thanks for sharing it with me."

Courtenay, BC

"Nice website!"

Debbie Zepick
Ponoka, AB

"I am so amazed to see dreams turned into reality and you really put things into reality. You give me hope that the things in my heart and head will manifest too. Watching you makes me realize it isn't magic that makes our lives unfold... it's doing the footwork and moving when God says move and staying put when He says calm down."

Victoria, BC

"In a time of so many difficulties where economics lead the way of what we must live, think or behave, it's nice to get a fresh air of spirituality so needed when the doors of the soul are slowly closing one by one."

Campbell River, BC

"Congratulations on a beautiful and very professional site! It's excellent."

L’lle Bizard, Quebec

"I love your website, it’s wonderful. Great job!"

Campbell River, BC

"I enjoyed reading through the information on your website. It’s well put together, easy to browse and inspiring. Your music samples were pleasant to listen to as well. "

Campbell River, BC