The Simple Side Album Synopsis

"...the simple side of life, is where I wanna stay..."

This project is not so much a collection of individual songs, but rather a vignette of songs that are woven together to reinforce a larger whole.

Getting back to "the simple side" of life became such a pressing desire in my own life, that the concept of simplicity kept bursting forth in my writing for quite some time. The more I wrote and the more I searched, the more I kept recognizing a oneness in my quest.

Whether it was rediscovering who I truly was at my core, getting to a place of peace and fulfillment, eliminating stress, or recapturing joy, that oneness and point of ultimate simplicity was contained in a single place... a deeper place that was the foundation and core of all life and the universe as a whole. There was no other way, no other answer, no other solution.

Each song on the album therefore contains a key that unlocks the door that opens to the simple side of life. On the simple side "there is no confusion, no complicated attempts at life, and no stress. "The simple side only advocates the wonderful life that is waiting for us if we only choose to "come."

I hope that what I've learned and share through these songs will help you settle for nothing less than the ultimate life that awaits you on "the simple side."