...Seeds of Greatness

God has planted seeds of greatness in each of us, and His plan for our lives is for those seeds to sprout, grow, and blossom.

Seeds are full of potential. Everything necessary for an oak tree to grow is held within the acorn.

It is our duty and responsibility to nurture the seeds of greatness inside of us through the study and application of God’s Word and materials that feed our personal and spiritual growth.

When we do our part, God does his part. He grows the seeds of greatness in us until we become all he created us to be and do all he created us to do.

It is vital that we recognize the seeds of greatness planted inside of us, choose to nurture them and stay excited, inspired, and motivated on our journey to greatness in Christ.

One person and God can make a huge difference in the world. God needs each of us to dedicate ourselves to his greater purpose for our lives and we should encourage and nurture each others special talents, gifts, and unique qualities so that they may flourish and glorify God.

The key ingredient to embracing all God has to offer is change. As a created being, change is inevitable and to resist change is futile.

Though change offers challenges, “growing pains,” and a newness that often requires us to walk through fears, it is the foundation of greatness. Embracing change means embracing the life that Jesus died to give us.

Allowing the acorn in all of us to transform into the towering oak it was created to be should always be at the foundation of all we do.

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