How to Dream With Passion

"Sometimes when I'm bored, I go to the field, lie on my back

and dream about Oregon."  - Serena (9yrs old)

Serena is a very enthusiastic and imaginative 9 year old girl that I know. To kick off her vacation fun this summer, her family planned a week long trip to Portland, Oregon. Of course, Serena was completely excited about that! They were scheduled to leave in two weeks and Serena was spending every minute of her "bored" time dreaming about all the wonderful things she was going to experience in Oregon.

As a result, her trip took on a life of its own in her imagination and became so real to her that she could experience the excitement, the sounds, the smells, and the emotions without actually leaving town. That made her more excited than ever. She could hardly contain herself when speaking of all the adventures her and her family were going to have. 

Talking to Serena had an impact on me. It made me ask myself "Do I dream with the same amount of passion as an "on fire" 9 year old?"

Let's face it; dreaming seems to get harder as we get older. For some of us, it feels silly or childish, but it in fact is an absolute necessity. We are made in the image of a radical dreamer, God, and it honors him to dream with as much color and enthusiasm as a child.  

When we replace our awesome ability to dream with an attitude that says "we need to be realistic" we stifle God and put all of our wonderful dreams in a box. If you have ever said that, perhaps you might find it handy to analyze what exactly "being realistic" means to you.  

Does "being realistic" mean sitting in traffic at 7:00am on a steamy hot summer's day trying to get to work? Does it mean tossing your passion for travel because you are just too busy? Does it mean doing what everyone else is doing? What does it mean to you? Ask yourself. Hopefully, you will find that the term "being realistic" is a worldly term, not a "God can do anything" term.

The fact that you have breath in your body gives you license to dream as big, bright, and colorful as ever. The more we dream, the more whatever we dream about becomes a reality in our life.


Vividly dream 3 times a day

Manifesting our dreams starts in our imagination. See what you want, feel it, touch it, hear it, smell it and experience all the emotions that go along with your dream. You need to make that dream so real inside that it can't help birthing itself in your life.  

It is our subconscious mind that creates our reality. The subconscious mind functions on the basis of pictures and feelings then manifests them in our life. That is why it is just as easy to create negative circumstances as positive ones.

Make it a point to dream at least 3 times a day. Have fun with it, go wild! Don't just read your goals; live them in your imagination. That is what dreaming is all about. You were created to dream, so do it. Be a child again and as you dream, the more you will experience the fully alive, exciting life you long to live.

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