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DIY - September 20, 2009

The past few weeks have been the kind that make me wish I was signed with a major record label.

Ah... how amazing it would be to have handfuls of people working like ants to promote my music and concerts.

Rolling up my sleeves and doing the work of a record label myself definitely teaches me a lot and makes me stronger.

I suppose that my choleric personality accented by my Polish stubborness thrive on having me do things myself and be in control. Hence, the independent label.

So, though my wish is to have a staff at Aleta that can alleviate some of the workload, I can find peace in the fact that doing what I am currently doing is a necessary and positive thing for me right now.

My Day - August 11, 2009

Yup! Today's the day! My birthday! It is a nice summer day similar to the kind of weather we have been getting for the bulk of July and August.

As a kid, I use to love having a big birthday party full of friends, balloons, birthday hats, cake, gifts and a schedule that included outdoor games and array of fun activities.

Nowadays, however, my ideal birthday involves a day that is exclusively designated to creativity. Whether it's spending time on the piano, writing songs, playing with ideas, reading, learning or contemplating life or spirituality, this is how I love to spend my special day.

Underutilized imagination - July 31, 2009

One of our most underutilized gifts is our imagination.

I was recently reading a book that focused a lot on how important it is that we use our imagination as freely as we did as children.

Our imagination has the ability to unite us with our ideal life...or, in other words, the life we were always meant to live.

We should be using our imagination on a daily basis to see the completion of our most passionate purpose. Seeing it, feeling it and fully experiencing it in our imaginations makes it real. We may not see it in the physical yet, but it will show up if we keep feeding our faith through our imagination.

Sunday driver? - No problem - July 29, 2009

Since I wrote the "acceptance sets us free" blurb the other day, I have been noticing a whole bunch of other cases where "acceptance" really does set me free.

Like driving, for example. Well, I know you wouldn't think it to look at me, but I am a rather aggressive driver. As far as I am concerned, I know what is right and I just can't understand why others don't do things the way I do them....since they are right, of course.

Anyway, being stuck behind a ridiculously slow driver is the worst. But, today when that super slow Sunday driver showed up in front of me, I calmed my aggression with acceptance.

Simply by redirecting my energy and looking at the situation as a positive with thoughts like "oh good, an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and relax," made the trip a pleasant one.

That is just one other example, but I could name hundreds of ways that acceptance enriches our lives.

I would challenge you to keep this idea of acceptance in mind and apply it in various situations. I am sure that you will agree that it is an extremely powerful truth.

Acceptance sets us free - July 28, 2009

Extra toasty day here today. Super hot! As most people, I was doing what I could to stay cool but it seemed impossible to outsmart the heat. Eventually, I decided to do what I learned to do years ago selling educational study guides door-to-door in Ontario, and that was to embrace the heat. It wasn't going anywhere, so it made most sense to simply accept it. As soon as I did that, it was okay and suddenly bearable.

Had the same kind of situation at the gym. I've started using the stair master again, though it has a tendency to bother my knees. I normally do about 15 minutes on it.

At about 7 minutes today, I was ready to stop in agonizing pain....or maybe I was just being a wimp....but, anyway... I hate giving up so I just kept telling myself to embrace the pain 'cuz for the next 8 minutes it was just part of what I needed to do. As soon as I accepted it, things seemed bearable again. Sure, it was painful, but it was bearable.

Motivational speaker, Mike Wickett said, "Resistance keeps us stuck. Acceptance sets us free."

When we accept things that are painful, uncomfortable or don't make sense, there is an immense amount of freedom in that. Acceptance allows us to glide with the flow of the universe, whereas resistance interrupts the flow and makes life an extremely bumpy ride.

Suiting up for summer! - July 11, 2009

Summer is finally here and I love it. Yes, I am much more of a "sun" person than a "snow" person, so I'm super excited that we're getting a lot of hot weather. After all the snow we got in December, we deserve to bake for a few months.

For a little while, I've been looking around for an outdoor table and chair set so that I can do my computer work outside, rather than inside. Working inside is fine during the winter months, but come summer, I mostly want to be outside.

Well, wouldn't you know it that just the other day, a lovely lady I know was in a bind because she had a little bistro set that she wanted to change for a new one that she saw at Canadian Tire. So, guess what, ...she asked me if I wanted her old one. I was glad to have it. It has now become my official work space outside. My laptop and I thank her....Thanks Jane! :o)

I also just picked up a little charcoal barbeque today. Believe it or not, I have never, ever owned a barbeque. This one is super cute with a red cover, wheels and everything I need to try my hand at some barbequing this summer! I've always wanted to try Bobby Flay's barbeque recipes, so now's my chance! I can hardly wait to start using it!

Mr. Chips loves raspberries?! - July 10, 2009

So, I thought I would take a bit of time today to pick some raspberries from the jungle-like raspberry bush in the garden. As I was picking, Mr. Chips, otherwise known as Chipper, a 3 year old golden lab that lives next door, fought his way through the array of leaves and vines on his side to come say 'hi.' He's a super, great dog. Very gentle, and always interested in being around people.

Well, as I picked and periodically pet him, he got the impression that what I was picking were doggie treats. As I continued to pick, he kept looking at me with eager anticipation and a wagging tail that said: "you know I'm a good boy...don't you...and you know I deserve those treats you're picking....don't you!"

After a while, I couldn't resist his puppy dog eyes, so I gave him a taste. Surprisingly, he loved the raspberry and insisted on having more. I gave him a couple more but apparently, I wasn't giving him enough, or perhaps I was just too slow, 'cuz he decided to take matters into his own, um...paws, and start picking them himself.

Yes...there he was, a big golden lab sitting on the other side of the fence, going hum dee dum dum dum, I can master that picking thing too, no problem, I'm super dog, ....chomp....mmm raspberries, my favorite, chomp..... mmm, nummy red torpedo shaped sensations, I love them....chomp again, again, again and again.

He got a belly full. I had no idea that he was a raspberry loving pooch.

So, needless to say, Chipper made my raspberry picking time quite enjoyable!

Mr. Chips

What does "Aleta" mean? - May 11, 2009

To all those listening to the interview on Revival 100.8 FM today....first of all, thanks so much for tuning in! I wanted to go ahead and provide the definition of the word "Aleta" here and explain why I chose the name for my record label.

Yes....I'll admit that drawing a complete blank as to the meaning of the word, when Ian asked me, will definitely top my list of life's most embarrassing moments....but so it goes. For whatever reason, the meaning completely escaped me in that moment. Oh happens to all of us.

When I decided to establish my own record label, I wanted a name that started with "A," just 'cuz I've always liked other record label names that started with "A" like Arista Records, Avante Records etc. More importantly, I wanted the name I chose to have an all encompasing meaning, that would sum up the purpose of everything I was doing and would do with my music. For this reason I wanted something that meant "truth."

In looking up words, I found that Aleta meant "truth" in Portuguese and "truthful one" in Greek. I also liked that in some languages the meaning referred to "bird" or "wings." For ex. in English, Aleta means "winged;" in Latin it means "bird like;" and in Spanish it means "little winged one."

Put the meaning of "truth" together with "wings" and to me, it means that a life lived on the basis of truth enables us to soar high.

So there it is. That is the reason I chose to name my record label Aleta Records. :o)

Good habit, bad habit - April 16, 2009

I think that the funnest part of Easter was putting up decorations. Yes... I am a decorating hound around the holidays. I love having all kinds of fun stuff around the house that makes Easter super festive! This year I decided to hang plastic neon colored easter eggs in all the fruit trees in the backyard. Turns out I ended up hanging 324 eggs! really is a fact.....324. I also had to take down 324 eggs a few days later. Oh was worth it.

Easter is that special time of year when I reach into my DVD collection and pull out the movie "Jesus." By the way, if anyone knows where I can get a copy of "Jesus of Nazareth," the original one that is about 6 hours long, please let me know 'cuz I would love to get my hands on it. Anyway, if anyone hasn't seen the movie "Jesus" in which Debra Messing plays Mary Magdalene, you are missing've got to see it. It's really fantastic.

Everytime I watch the movie it gives me a renewed appreciation of Jesus; everything he is and everything he did while on earth. Jesus was the perfect example of simplicity. He knew what was right, did what was right, stayed in close relationship with his father and believed. That's exactly what we should do. Simple.

I have often said that because it's so simple, it's difficult. Human nature wants to complicate things, reason, figure out, worry, get into pity parties and stay on that dark, difficult side of life. But our spiritual nature is not like that at all. It feeds on positive everything and our spirit giggles with joy when we feed it belief, trust and faith.

It's tough sometimes to maintain a positive way of life but it's a habit we need to create. The negative, fleshly way of life is an automatic habit that comes from not choosing the better way of life. Just like failure is inevitable if we don't plan to succeed.

So, the movie just showed me, yet again, how simple life can be if we just do what the bible teaches and live in line with the laws that govern the universe.

None Wasted - April 8, 2009

Another sunny day here.....such a nice change from the cold weather we have had to endure over the past few months.  

I have been super busy lately doing the promo for some upcoming events. With every envelope that I stuff, I dream of the day that I can hire a staff to do this for me.....ahhhhh, what a relief that would be. Anyway, doing the work myself allows me to learn a lot.  

The past few months have been rather 'different' in that they have been a time of redefining and reassessing things. The learning and growing in the music world never ends. It always demands stepping up yet another rung on a ladder that never seems to end.

As long as we have breath in our bodies, it is an opportunity to do more, be more, live and explore more. The reaching should never end. Unfortunately, hollywood and the media constantly make us think that we should have everything figured out by the age of 20.....well, okay....maybe 25. After is basically down hill or over according to them.  

Bah humbug....that's crazy. Life is simply 'life'.....all of it, and it should be treasured, embraced, and lived every step of the way. It's kind of like the story of Jesus multiplying the loaves. The story specifically points out that not even a crumb was to be wasted and that is how it should be with the lives we've been given; none wasted.

On Automatic Default? - Aug 18, 2008

Today I was yet again reminded of one of the grim realities that faces so much of mankind. It is the issue of giving so much of ourselves away to others that we entirely forget to express the beauty that makes us who we are.

Their opinions of us, their lies and the dreaded "what we think they think of us" saga silently plagues the subconscious corners of our precious minds until we make a decision to put our foot down and boldly say "enough!"

In reflecting on where I have been and where I am going really reminded me of how much I have overcome in this regard and how much I still have to press on toward and continue to overcome.

It amazes me how the desire to want to bend to other people's opinions of us seems much more natural than retaining our own individuality.

There is an automatic default in all of us to the negative. But, we are instructed to "choose life;" the positive over the negative. Often, sticking with this decision is a tough one but it is worth it. I pedalled the elliptical at the gym watching the folks working out around me, I wondered how many of the people there could truly admit to being led by their individuality rather than someone else's opinion of them....or.... would they even be able to know the difference?

Ah, yes...that was the question that revolved 'round my philosophical brain today so I thought I would share it with you.....some nummy food for thought, shall we say.

Back Again - Aug 3, 2008

Today I visited Southside Community Church in Port Alberni for the second time! It was fun seeing some familiar faces again.

My music and message at the Sunday morning service was based on

2 Cor 11:3 which focuses on getting back to the simplicity that is in Christ. Songs were intertwined through the message to illustrate various points.

Special thanks to Pastor Cal, Sherri and other members of Southside leadership for the opportunity to share with the people of Southside.

Also, special thanks to Felix for arriving early to allow me to set up my gear, load it in and help me load it up. Also, thanks to Michael for helping us load up the gear.

Thanks again Southside!

Cathedral Grove - July 13, 2008

Last night I drove to Nanaimo to stay overnight at a friends place. We decided to take the day and spend it at Cathedral Grove since I had discovered it en route to Port Alberni. It was beautiful and educational. The trees were absolutely amazing. So old and huge!

Outdoor fun - July 12, 2008

This morning I headed back down the island to a suburb of Victoria called Brentwood Bay for an outdoor church picnic event at Centennial Park. This event was hosted by Centennial Park Fellowship Baptist which is in the process of building of a brand new church building across the street from the park.

It was fun meeting Pastor Jared who organized this event. A stage was set up in the park and sound was provided by a local sound man. Since this event also acted as an outreach to the community, members of Centennial Park Baptist were busy setting up displays of the new church building as well as getting lots of food ready for the picnic.

Jared had also organized to have some neat little pedal cars available for the kids that resembled 1940's Austin's. They all had a designated track to drive on that was laid out with mini bright orange pylons. The kids had a blast driving the cars.

Donald Dunphy was the guest magician for the day and he did a great job keeping the kids totally entranced with his magic tricks.

The weather was perfect for this event since it was sunny but not overbearingly hot. It was nice singing in the gentle summer breeze.

After the event, I had planned to stick around the area to see the fireworks at Butchart Gardens. The park provides an incredible firework show once a week on Saturday, and it was Saturday so I had to go.

The fireworks started at 10pm and boy were they worth the wait. The show was absolutely spectular and was totally unique...unlike anything I had ever seen before. Not only did the show include amazing fireworks but they also lit various metal frames into amazing images with the fireworks. Many of the frames had spinning or moving parts which made the fireworks look even more amazing.

The whole show was perfectly synchronized to music and was absolutely first class. There were several parts in the show that sent shivers down my back because it was so perfectly excellent.

The amount of people at the show was staggering. The entire viewing area was jam packed with people. Since the viewing area was basically a slanted hill by the lake (where the fireworks were), it totally reminded me of Jesus getting into a boat to preach to the people that came in multitudes to hear him. It was really neat.

Canada Day - July 1, 2008

I just watched the Canada Day fireworks. They were absolutely gorgeous. The colors, styles and glittery explosions were wonderful to watch.

As I took in the myriad of beauty before me it reminded me of how God has given us a world of amazingly breathtaking things to experience. The awe in a single firework portrays just an inkling of the awesomeness that is out there for us to drink in.

I think that it is our duty to choose a better way to live and always look forward to experiencing the best things that God wants to give us.

Toasty Days - June 29, 2008

Today I had the honor of providing music during the Strawberry Tea, Honouring Grads event at Southside Community Church in Port Alberni. Port Alberni is about 1 1/4 hours southeast of Campbell River.

The drive out to Port Alberni was really nice and I was surprised to find that it ran through MacMillan Provincial park that is home to Cathedral Grove. Cathedral Grove has some of the oldest trees on the island, dating back some 800 years.

It was a super hot summer day but perfect for the outdoor event at Southside. We set up my piano outside under an archway of balloons that celebrated graduation for the grads of the congregation.

The grads wore their fancy dresses and suits and were presented with special bibles to commemorate this milestone moment in their lives. I definitely commend the grads for wearing their special outfits on such a hot day. I was boiling in my regular clothes. I could not imagine having layers upon layers of dress on me or wearing a full black tux.... so, congratulations guys for surviving the heat.

Facing the congregation for me meant looking straight out to an incredibly large hill that seemed within walking distance from the church. It resembled the hills I saw in Gold River. The east side of the island is amazing for gigantic hills that are right at your backdoor. It really makes you feel one with nature.

It was fun meeting Pastor Cal, Sherry (the church secretary) and all the folks that came out to the service. I totally enjoyed my time at Southside and I look forward to going back again on August 3rd.

After the Port Alberni event I headed to Nanaimo for the day to spend some time with a friend. Since it was super hot, we decided to go jump in a lake. Well...she jumped and I watched. I waded though and that was nice. We had a nice day in the water and snacking at Dairy Queen.

Mini-Golf Marathon - June 15, 2008

Today my friend and I had planned to do a mini-golf marathon in Parksville. I love mini-golf and Parksville has four aweseome courses to play. We had a hoot in amongst all the mini-decor at each course.

We followed a hard day of mini-golf with a great dinnner at a local Indian restaurant. Lots of fun!

Butchart Gardens - June 14, 2008

Today I had the opportunity to do some touristy things in the Victoria area including browsing one of my favorite places in Victoria, Butchart Gardens. The beauty of that place is absolutely breathtaking. Later I had dinner with my friends and headed back up to Nanaimo for the night.

A Wonderful Time - June 13, 2008

This morning I drove down to Victoria for an evening concert event at First Baptist church. Victoria is located about 2 3/4 hours south of Campbell River. It is a beautiful city that reflects many British traditions. Since it is the capital of BC much of the main harbour is extremely well maintained and embellished with hanging flower baskets on fancy street lamps.

It was a total privilege meeting Nora, my main contact at the church and Tim, the sound man early to set up the sound system and run a sound check.

I was so incredibly appreciative of Nora since she worked extremely hard to promote this event on her end. She truly treated it like it was her event and she went to great lengths to get the word out.

Pastor Axel and the various leaders in the church were so welcoming and warm that they made me feel right at home. Lots of people from the local community and other churches came out to the event as well as some members of First Baptist.

One of my biggest surprises during the event came when I had made my way over to my stool and could look out at the audience. I was literally stopped in my tracks when I saw a couple of my long time friends sitting in the audience that I had not seen for quite some time. It was such a treat to see them and talk to them after the show.

I really had a lot of fun at this event. I loved the sanctuary that seemed the perfect place to have a concert with a nice grand piano at the centre.

After the show, I was kindly presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of the church members. I was humbled because it was so thoughtful.

The amount of wonderful people that came out to this event was great. I had a blast meeting so many folks at my table after the show. I felt totally blessed by the people and happenings at First Baptist.

Oceanside Bliss - June 1, 2008

Today I had the privilege of providing some special music for two communion services at St. Stephen's United church in Qualicum Beach. Qualicum Beach is located about one hour from Campbell River. The oceanfront in Qualicum is breathtaking and serves as a must-see spot for tourists.

It was a blast meeting Pastor Phil, Adele (the church receptionist) and so many folks from the worship team and congregation. These people sure know how to have a good time! Pastor Phil is a hoot and his easy going, fun approach to Christianity is definitely reflected in his members.

Between the morning services and the evening concert I had a bit of free time so I drove out to a neighbouring town to check out some shops. After spending the morning immersed in "God stuff," meandering through a mall somehow failed to give me any satisfaction.

It was as if I had gone from sunny skies to big black clouds and I was eager to get back to the "God stuff."

Peter and his wife Fiona, were kind enough to do an early sound check for me which I appreciated. Lots of folks from the church and community came out to the evening event. Some friends from Campbell River even drove all the way down for the show since they had missed the Campbell River event earlier this month.

We had a fun time of fellowship and great music through the event. I really enjoyed sharing with the folks in Qualicum. What a great group of people!

Bumpy, Curvy, Beauty - May 31, 2008

Today I drove out to Gold River for an evening concert. Gold River is located about 1 1/4 hours northeast from Campbell River.

I absolutely loved the scenery on this route which took me passed beautiful lakes, Strathcona Provincial Park, humongous mountainess rocks and giant hills.

I had not been out to Gold River since I did "The Great Walk" (63.5 km from Gold River to Tahsis) as a teenager. I remember that the road was known for being rather curvy and bumpy but I had forgotten just how curvy and bumpy it actually was. The curves were continuous but fun and the bumps were big flowing dips in the road that gave the impression of being on a rollercoaster rather than a highway. They were fun too!

The concert event was held at the Clayworks Cafe and Gallery which is owned and operated by Anita and Neil Lawrence. The event was in affiliation with Christian Fellowship which is headed up by Pastor Rob Hoffman. Since, the Lawrence's cafe is run as an outreach we decided to have the event there.

Anita and Neil are both very talented potters and their gallery boasts beautiful handmade pottery that is one of a kind. The cafe is nestled in amongst the giant hills that surround Gold River and it sits next to the Gold River with its glistening water and soothing sound.

The cafe is brand new and beautifully designed. Both Anita and Neil inspired me tremendously with their diehard committment to do what God was calling them to do even with a family of four young children. They have put pure excellence into the endeavour that God has called them to.

Anita asked Ernie, a local musician, to provide his sound equipment for the event and it worked out wonderfully. Thanks Ernie!

The event was a warm and cozy gathering of folks from Christian Fellowship church and the local community. I totally enjoyed my time sharing in Gold River.

After the show, someone spotted a giant black bear just metres away from the cafe crossing the street. I had never seen a black bear before ever. It was so amazing to see him there right before my eyes! To me, he looked just like a giant teddy bear that you felt tempted to cuddle.

Effortless - May 20, 2008

I was just thinking about how interesting it is that a journey really is just that, a journey. What I find most intriguing about it, is that no matter how hard I try to figure things out ahead of time or desperately attempt to see miles down the road, it is impossible for me to properly see anything as clearly as I can see it if I just "go" and arrive at a point, no matter how I get there.

It is funny how when God calls us to do something he simply gives us a promise, then says "go." That's it....and that of course is what leaves me scratching my head going....." you tell me actually get there."

And being the ultra-faith-filled Christian that I am, I quickly run out and start figuring out how in the world I am going to do that when God already knows that no amount of "figuring out" can ever give me as much clarity as just stumbling to "point A" can give me.

So, blind faith is what it is all about. Sounds scary and it often feels like I am not being responsible if I do not figure it out first, but it is the key. The best kind of clarity comes with arriving at a point then having a door effortlessly swing open that allows me to see the next leg of the journey.

Focus - May 9, 2008

This evening I had a concert event at Aaron House Christian Fellowship in Courtenay. Courtenay is about a 40 minute drive from Campbell River.

It was surprising that though the church entrance looked small and gave the impression of having a low ceiling, the inside was very spacious and had super high ceilings.

It was neat meeting Pastor Judy and hearing how God called her to Pastor this church at a time in her life when her and her husband were ready to retire. Pastor Judy took on the challenge and she has been blessed ever since.

What stuck with me the most from what Pastor Judy said in talking about her experiences in ministry was how if we look at people and situations around us when we are doing God's work, it will not necessarily look like anything positive is happening.

In fact, it can often look like the exact opposite is happening. But, we are not suppose to be looking around at what is going on around us. We are suppose to be focusing on God and just believing that we are in his will and that he will do what he said he was going to do.

It was fun sharing my music and message with the folks that came out to the event. It was a good time of fellowship and sharing.

Loads of Fun - May 4, 2008

This morning I attended and sang at the morning service at Bethany Lutheran church in Campbell River. There were a few familiar faces in the congregation which was nice. It just so happened that the service included a communion celebration, so I had the opportunity to share communion with the people of the church. That is always special.

Yesterday, I arrived in town and immediately got busy working out my sound needs with Pastor Tom at Bethany. It turns out that we decided to use my brand new sound system for the evening concert. Pastor Tom was a total blessing because, being an ex-roadie, he knew a lot more about my new equipment than I did.

Pastor Tom became the entire backbone of the evening event since he had done so much in setting up and making the connections so that my sound system could function without a hitch.

I really had a great time playing this hometown event. Again, there were several familiar faces in the crowd from other local churches as well as friends and family.

Pastor Tom's daughter, Annelise, graced us all with her lovely voice as she sang the first chorus of "This Little Light of Mine" all by herself! She did a fantastic job. Thank you so much Annelise!! When Annelise finished singing, the kids in the church were invited to come up to the front and lead the rest of the song. The batch of kids even included my 7 yr old niece, Emma.

My time at Bethany Lutheran was loads of fun. It was wonderful meeting Pastor Tom and his family and many of the folks that came out to the event.

Again, I am totally thankful to Pastor Tom for all his help and patience with the sound and of course for the opportunity to share my music and ministry with the people of Campbell River.

Down in the Valley - May 2, 2008

I headed over to Abbotsford last night for a show at Single Point Ministries at Northview Community church on Friday, May 2nd. Abbotsford is a 1 1/2 hour drive south on Vancouver Island, then a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to Vancouver, then a 1 hour drive east on the Trans Canada Hwy.

Before moving to Vancouver Island, I lived in Abbotsford for about a year and a half. Abbotsford is a city located in the Fraser Valley that combines urban and rural living. There are lots of farms in the area.

The reason I moved to Abbotsford from Vancouver was because I was at a stage in my life when I was desperate for peace and quiet....and what better place to get peace and quiet than in the country, right?!

Well, I got my peace and quiet allright when I moved into a place that was situated on 28 acres of farm land with crops pretty much right below my window.

My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece all live in Abbotsford so it was nice to see them and stay with them for a few days. My 6 year old nephew and 3 year old niece were so totally excited to see me that they immediately filled me in on everything new in their lives.

The Single Point Ministries event the next night was located in the Youth Centre of one of Abbotsford's mega-churches, Northview. It was fun meeting Don, the founder of Single Point and later the folks that came out to the event.

This event was part of the regular Friday night events that happen for the singles group from Sept - June. I really enjoyed my time of fellowship and sharing my music with the folks at Single Point. They were a welcoming group.

It is always neat to see how churches integrate ministries to serve their people and I thought that the singles group at Northview was a great and necessary idea. I was glad to have the opportunity to be with Single Point.

Rise Above - Mar 15, 2008

The more I walk in God's will, the more I am blown away by Jesus. It amazes me sometimes, how I can read the same bible passage over and over again but never really know the full impact of that passage until I am in the trenches fighting the battles I need to fight to stay in God's will.

"Doing" what God has called us to do, is the key to allowing God to shape us into who he created us to be. I honestly do not think that God's word can effectively work in our lives unless we are determined to do whatever it takes to persevere toward all that God has for us.

Jesus was the ultimate example of someone who was committed to doing all he was sent to earth to do. Going through my own challenges and overcoming my own situations gives me such a greater appreciation of the things that Jesus did.

I do not have enough room here to get into all the things that amaze me about him but I suppose the biggest thing that intrigues me about what he did was that he constantly plowed forward in accomplishing his mission though it was so different and off-the-wall from anything that the world would consider 'normal.' Actually, it is the same sort of intrigue I discuss in my song "Abandoned Nets."

I love the fact that his spirtual focus was always miles away from being jeopordized by the ignorance and smallness of man. Though it hurt the human side of him, it inspires me tremendously to know that he could rise above any worldly issues by focusing on what matters most...... and I can do the same.

Elk, Hills and Fun - Feb 14, 2008

I totally enjoyed travelling up Vancouver Island to Port Hardy today. Port Hardy is 238 kms north of Campbell River which makes it about a 2 1/2 hour drive. The scenery on the way up the island is beautiful with many lakes and trees lining the highway.

I am not sure if I was just imagining this, but it seemed like I was constantly going up hill on my drive there. The hills were not necessarily steep, they were just a long and steady climb.

It is possible that the hill situation was exaggerated for me since my clutch was on its last legs and desperately lacked pull. Luckily, gearing down enabled me to get up and over each hill.

When I got to Port Hardy, I immediately had the impression that living there must be similar to living in a giant forest because it is so surrounded with natural beauty.

Port Hardy Christian Fellowship was great. What a fantastic group of people! I totally enjoyed meeting Pastor George, his wife Karen and all the fantastic people that came out to the Valentines day dinner and concert.

Pastor George, a former chef, made a wonderful spaghetti dinner with a nice Ceasar salad for all the guests. The youth of the church were the waiters and waitresses for the evening since this event was a fundraiser to help them raise enough money to attend History Maker in Chilliwack this coming May.

The youth did a fantastic job decorating the room in Valentine's decor. They even decorated the piano with a glass candelabra that added much to the ambience of the evening.

The concert was a fun time of fellowship, sharing and reflecting on God's love. I totally, totally look forward to seeing the folks of Port Hardy again in December. Yippee!

I headed back home that evening and to my surprise was greeted by a herd of elk on the highway. I had never seen a herd of elk before. There were about 30-40 of them crossing the highway. They looked so cute with their little white bottoms reflecting my headlights.

Finally, a new blog - Feb 12, 2008

Well, I finally gave up on tring to figure out all the ins and outs of my vox blog so I transferred my blog over to my own site.

Kudos to those of you that can figure out the 'how to's' on various websites but for me, trying to figure out how to input pictures, fonts etc on vox properly was just too time consuming. That is why I started my new blog on my own site.

Hope you enjoy it! I know I will!

Opening for Allison Crowe - Nov 23, 2007

Today was such a special day because I got to share it with one of my musical mentors, Allison Crowe. Allison is originally an island girl too, (from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island). I was totally blessed by the opportunity to open for her at the kick-off show for her Tidings Concert series.

To me, Allison epitomizes the true meaning of what an "artist" really is. Though the musical world often shouts and nags at us to conform to a plastic, cookie cutter, Top 40 style, artists like Allison have managed to build a growing career on the basis of integrity, honesty, truth to oneself and one's art, and an artistic passion that has bulldozed even the slightest "need" to conform.

Allison is an inspiration because she constantly reminds me of what is really important when it comes to expressing art. She reminds me that art isn't art if it has no heart. She also reminds me to never lose the child-like fascination and passion for creating beauty through music.

Thanks Allison! Check out Allison's website and music at:

Going Deeper With God - Aug 9, 2007

Thanks so much for stopping by. Over the past little while I have been thinking a lot about my journey with God up to this point....and boy has it been a journey!

Years ago I prayed a prayer in which I said to God " I don't want anything but you and me God....just you and me." It's a long story and there's a very strong reason why I prayed that prayer.

Well, since then, it has been amazing how God has been constantly staying true to that prayer. Sometimes, to be honest, I wish I never prayed it...but at the end of the day, I'm glad I did.

My passion for music is simply a tool God uses to draw me closer to him. Gloria Gaither once said, "God gives us a dream not so much to see what we will make of it, but rather to see what the dream will make of us." Boy is that true. God has been shaping, molding and pruning me for years and the more I journey with him, the more intense his work in me gets. He hasn't forgotten my prayer and I am thankful for that because though walking this journey alone with him is tough, there is really no other place I rather be.

I often feel like Peter who flippantly said "I'll go with you Jesus, even to death" and the next day was denying Jesus. It's a constant battle between will and flesh, but it is one that is inevitable if we are called to serve God with our whole lives. Just learning what it REALLY means to trust God and have faith is taking on a whole new meaning for me. In fact, I'm often blown away by the awkward things God asks of me. They seem ludicrous in the flesh but perfectly normal in the Spirit. Just as my song "Abandoned Nets" conveys. 

Anyway, that's what Christianity is all about. There is SOOOOO much more to it than just attending church on Sunday.

So...those are a few of my thoughts for today. Hmmm, to be honest, I'm not r e a l l y walking this journey alone with God.....see.....I've got my wonderfully loyal fans right beside me all the way. Here are 2 of the most loyal ones right here: 


..Precious #1.......................and.................Precious #2

What can I say....I love cats! Especially these two!

Let the Kid in You Rule! - June 9, 2007

(Introduction message to my previous blog on Vox)

"...receive the Kingdom of God like a child..." Mk 10:15 paraphrase

Wow! I'm so excited about this super cute blog! Don't you just love the elephants?! I do! Stuff like this makes me happy: vibrant colors, excessive cuteness and just all 'round fun! I love anything that nurtures the kid in me. Whether it's Disney Theme Parks, Rollercoaster parks, Mini-Golf parks, cute pictures on a blog, I just love it!!

Truth be told, I've never made a very good adult. I just can't understand the philosophy on adulthood that says "now that you're an adult, you need to make 'beige' your best friend, get use to serious conversation, and become really boring." thanks. Just 'cuz we get taller and look more "adultish" doesn't mean that our desire to race down that super long waterslide, go vroom, vroom in go-carts or yell "yee-hah" on a Six Flags rollercoaster automatically disappears. It doesn't. For me, it just gets more persistent!

Life isn't about hiding your passion, it's about living it. And cute little elephants are part of my passion!

So, join me on the journey. Let's let the "kid" in all of us rule!!

It's great having you here!